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Sweet Katie and Big Sister Nora – Month 3 – Baby’s First Year Series

It seems like my poor blog has been low on my priority list but the good news is that I have been super busy doing lots of fun photo shoots – and I would rather be outside chasing little toddlers around any day instead of being stuck behind my computer. So enough said, I have so much to share with everyone! Today I will play catch up and post a few photos from a couple sessions that I did back in June!

To start it off here are some more images from my shoot with the Lyons family (minus Doug – hopefully he’ll be there next time). This is Katie’s second shoot in the series. I absolutely love being able to get together with the family every couple months so we can really document all of the little changes that happen in a child’s first year of life.

For this session we started off in the backyard of the Lyons home with both girls and mom. After that we headed back in and got some cute shots of the girls together and I got a sweet tour of both Nora and Katie’s new bedrooms! From there little Katie needed a snack break so Nora and I headed outside to get a few more shots of her in the backyard. As we were going out the door I noticed she threw on her crocs and I was about to ask her to change into her pretty little sandals that matched her dress perfectly but I thought, hey you know what, if that’s what Nora wants to wear – that’s what I want to shoot!  After thinking about it later, I realized it is easy to dress a child up and make them look “perfect”, but what is even better is capturing the child as they are, old crocs, scraped knees and rolling around in the dirt in her beautiful white dress… As a mom I know that some of my own favourite photos of my daughter are those where she is just being her silly little self… and I look at those photos and immediately feel like I am back in that moment…

This idea really summarizes my goal for my photography… I want to capture the essence of your child… what makes him/her unique… not just a say “cheese” snapshot… but a photo that you look at and immediately are overcome by emotion and love and know that you will for many many years…

Here are some of my favourites!!





Just so we all know that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies 🙂


And last but not least – our little mini-shoot in the backyard… scraped knees, crocs and most importantly – lots of laughs 🙂





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  1. Alicia #

    I love them! (As you know!) My Mom thinks the one of Katy crying with Nora beside her looks like Nora accidentally sat on Katy – haha! Thanks Sarah – can’t wait to see you again in September…and yes, Doug will be here!

    July 18, 2012

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